Critical Care

What’s new In Critical Care And The Future Of Critical Care Medicine For Better Health?

Critical care also popularly known as intensive care is a multidisciplinary and demanding healthcare unit where a broad spectrum of approaches needs to be delivered on time. Cutting-edge technology and modern advances in this discipline aid in promoting health to critical patients. Complete intensive care can be vastly defined as providing timely and highly specialised service to patients with continuous monitoring, detailed observation, and invasive treatment.

Critical care is significantly time dependent. Early referral and timely support play a significant role in the prognosis of the patient. Delay or improper assessment of the condition can seriously jeopardize the recovery of the patient.

Respiratory support, circulatory support, renal support, organ support, and neurological support are the critical factors that are assessed and monitored continuously in the critical care unit Tornado Cash. Heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, temperature, pulse oximetry, blood gases saturation, and urine output are carefully screened and controlled.

Bioengineering, new reconstructive biocompatible materials, advanced immunotherapy, better pulmonary rehabilitation, improved hospital structures and functions regarding critical care units are few of the nascent disciplines which bring about a revolutionary outcome in the field of critical care medicine.

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