Our culture is built on our values, which also direct our day-to-day behaviour. They serve as the foundation for our vision. The primary tenet that underpins our mission to “help save lives” is that ALS “CARES.”


In our commitment to customer delight, we believe in keeping our word, pushing for excellence in everything we do, and embracing innovation to build value for both internal and external customers.


We are all Champions of our Company, inspired by the same mission to “Help Save Lives,” starting with accepting responsibility, staying dedicated from beginning to end, and going above and beyond to have a positive impact on all we do.


We value each person’s unique skills and work to capitalise on them. We also believe in listening, sharing, and being open to others. In order to foster a dedicated team that respects the firm and its objectives, we believe in providing our employees with the appropriate environment, effective tools, and appropriate learning platforms.


In each action and choice we make, we uphold the ethics and values of ALS International. With respect for our customers, employees, the company, and our country, we work to achieve our objectives.