Surgical Instruments

Types Of Tenotomy Scissors

In the medical field, scissors are mainly used for cutting and dissecting during surgical procedures. They help medical professionals in several surgeries. There’s a large variety available online when it comes to scissors instruments. Each category of medical scissors has its specifications for a special procedure.

In this regard, tenotomy scissors are useful for performing delicate surgeries. Depending on their structures, they have numerous types. Different structures are specific for different procedures.

Tenotomy medical scissors can be straight or curved. Also, they can have sharp or blunt tips. They have long handle which provide a firm grip and higher control during the surgery. Because of their specific structure, they are perfect for use in narrow spaces.

The sharp tips of the instrument help with delicate dissection. While the blunt tip assists in blunt cutting procedures. The combination of both tips helps carry out traumatic procedures. They are available in small and large sizes to meet the surgical requirements.

Preferably, surgeons use these scissors instruments for smaller and more accurate cuts as they are involved in delicate surgeries.

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